Welcome to beautiful Dolores, Colorado.
Now is the time to have some summer fun,
and nothing says fun like a day on the lake
with family and friends. No boat, no problem.



Due to more bureaucratic BS, along with being a good liberal state, the House Creek boat ramps will be closed for at least three days a week, starting the 2017 season.

This will affect not only launch times but location as well, as it sits now. And this will change. Closing the lake completely is the ultimate goal.

Friday through Monday, the House Creek launch ramp will be closed to all boat traffic. If renting a boat during those days, we will be launching out of the main ramp at the front of the lake. The distance from the starting point is the same but the bureaucracy is considerably more. We are dealing with four — yes, four —  government agencies.

We at McPhee Boat Rentals will do all we can to make this obstruction as smooth as possible.

The upside is the lake will be full of water and we should have another great boating season.

At least for now.

Thank you,
David Smith

McPhee Boat Rentals, LLC has just what you need. Our fleet of 4-cycle fuel-efficient, low emission pontoon and fishing boat rentals are just the thing for summer fun on the lake. And not just any lake. McPhee Reservoir is the second largest lake in all of Colorado. With limited drive-up access, a boat is truly the only way to experience all the lake has to offer. From bird watching to some of the best fishing in the west. McPhee Reservoir has it all.

Bird sightings of Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Blue Heron and Colorado Blue Birds are all common on this wonderful lake.

deerMcPhee Boat Rentals, LLC has what you need for fishing or just fun. Either a 19’ nine passenger pontoon boat or a 16’ five passenger fishing boat. These quiet easy-to-operate boats will provide you with the perfect way to troll for the big ones, or see wildlife up close and personal. All boat rentals come with everything needed to be compliant with all boating and safety regulations. You add the fun and lots of sunscreen.

Our knowledgeable staff will give direction on safety and operation. Making sure you feel comfortable for a fun safe day on the lake. All our boat rentals are licensed and insured — and in top mechanical condition.

Your Off-site Marina

Fishing on McPhee Reservoir is excellent with some of the best fishing in the west, opportunities to catch Rainbow, Brown, and Cutthroat Trout. Topwater fly fishing is always an option, along with pan fish like Bluegill, Perch, and Crappie, no to mention Small Mouth Bass, Catfish, Kokanee Salmon and now Walleye, there is truly something for everybody.

Contact us today for your boat rental on McPhee Reservoir in Dolores, Colorado.

fishing on McPhee

fishing on McPhee Reservoir